Cherna Moskowitz Foundation

On March 11, 2011, one of the worst natural disasters occurred when a 9.0 earthquake struck off the northern coast of Japan. The earthquake produced a powerful tsunami which struck many northern coastal communities, particularly the city of Sendai. Although Japan has extensively prepared for a large earthquake, the tsunami was devastating, sweeping away buildings, wiping out coastal villages and affecting thousands of lives. A nuclear power plant was severely damaged by the tsunami and is near the brink of a nuclear meltdown. The radiation contamination has the potential to affect the surrounding areas and the entire region for many years to come. The Japanese government has forced the evacuations of residents living in the communities immediately surrounding the nuclear power plant. Aftershocks continue to hit the area distressing many residents who are displaced and are now homeless. Half a million people have been evacuated to the more than 2,000 shelters which are supported by the Japanese Red Cross.

The Irving I. Moskowitz Foundation was quick to respond with a donation of $100,000 to the American Red Cross.  The money will go to the Japan earthquake and Pacific tsunami response, specifically the Japanese Red Cross, which is providing direct emergency relief, medical services and emotional counseling to affected communities.

Immediately after the earthquake and tsunami, the Red Cross dispatched relief items from stocks to assist those affected, and has provided 125,500 blankets and 25,000 emergency kits.  Donations will also help with medical and housing costs, shelter relief and other emergency items such as clothing, flashlights, blankets and first aid supplies The Red Cross is increasing its relief operations for survivors in evacuation centers and is planning to provide supplies for 100,000 people. It is also working with local authorities on ways to help people still living in evacuation centers.

Red Cross volunteers and staff in Japan continue to provide health care, emotional support activities and relief items to people affected. The Japanese Red Cross has dozens of medical teams operating in Red Cross hospitals and mobile clinics treating those affected by the disasters.

The American Red Cross is the nation’s premier emergency response organization. It is a volunteer-led, humanitarian organization that provides emergency assistance, disaster relief and education inside the United States. Financial support received in the United States is being directly transferred to Japanese Red Cross to provide an immediate positive impact.

The donation of the Irving I. Moskowitz Foundation will have a lasting positive outcome on many lives that were affected by the earthquake and tsunami. This is not the first time the Moskowitz Foundation has provided financial assistance for humanitarian aid and emergency response.

Cherna Moskowitz

The Irving I. Moskowitz Foundation is proud to support the Los Angeles County Fire Department and their Community Outreach Program. The Moskowitz Foundation has donated $10,000 to the Charitable Giving Campaign BBQ.

The Irving I. Moskowitz Foundation is a charitable, non-profit foundation which is dedicated to improving and enriching the lives of people. This is based on the principle “he who has saved one life, it is as if he has saved the world.”

The Los Angeles County Fire Department’s Community Outreach Program establishes programs such as school visits, safety expos and special events. The programs often consists presentations by uniformed firefighters with question and answer sessions. Materials available for presentation include slide shows, videos, handouts, stickers and hats. All programs tend to focus on general injury prevention, safety, fire prevention and escape in case of fire. The Fire Department’s representative presents information in a manner that is appropriate for different age groups. Generating interest in the profession of firefighters generates important safety and fire prevention awareness in the community. Studies show that young children are at an elevated risk of getting seriously injured or dying in residential fires. Public awareness campaigns and education programs can help keep children and families safe from the threat of home fires.

The mission of the Los Angeles Fire Department is “to protect lives, the environment and property by providing prompt, skillful and cost-effective fire protection and life safety services.” The Los Angeles County Fire Department aims to be an exemplary organization acclaimed for their national reputation, their regional strength, and their hometown attentiveness to provide fire protection and life safety services. The Los Angeles County Fire Department serves all of the unincorporated areas of Los Angeles and more than fifty cities. Serving a population well over several million, Los Angeles County firefighters are dedicated in protecting the communities they live and serve in.

Dr. Irving and Mrs. Cherna Moskowitz support the community and those that protect safety and welfare of the public. With the support of organizations, such as the Moskowitz Foundation, the Los Angeles County Fire Department can make a difference in the lives of those who live in the communities they protect and live in.

Shortly after the successful conclusion of this event, the Los Angeles County Fire Department began the process of planning for next year’s event. With financial support from organizations like the Moskowitz’s they hope to make next year’s event even more successful.

As Los Angeles County has struggled with a weak economy, many cities are affected by budget challenges, which can impact fire department funding. Nevertheless, the Los Angeles County Fire Department remains committed in serving the community and organizing community outreach programs. These programs are made possible by the generous donations from the Irving I. Moskowitz Foundation.